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One of the most valuable assets that most people will ever own is real estate. Whether you are purchasing your first home, building your dream home, or managing a portfolio of investment properties, our attorneys can advise you.

Real Estate Transactions

The attorneys at Maguire Schneckenburger Legal Group have experience in advising clients on the purchase and sale of real estate. We assist clients by preparing necessary purchase agreements, providing appropriate disclosure forms, and reviewing title reports.

The purchase or sale of any piece of property can be a complex process. Buyers are often concerned about protecting their investment and sellers are worried about getting the best price for their property. Our attorneys represent both buyers and sellers. Attorney Robert Maguire has been teaching law students and Realtors about real estate transactions for many years.

Correcting Title Problems

Even if you are cautious when purchasing real estate, title problems can arise. Common issues include difficulty with easements, incorrectly executed deeds, or outstanding liens. Maguire Schneckenburger Legal Group’s attorneys can accurately identify title problems and create an effective plan to correct them.

Landlord Representation

Investing in rental properties can be lucrative, but sometimes tenants fail to pay their rent or cause significant damage to a property. Even when you screen tenants carefully, a bad tenant can become a huge problem for a landlord. An eviction is the legal process used to force tenants to leave a property when they have broken the terms of their lease agreement and they refuse to leave voluntarily. Our attorneys are experienced in preparing, filing, and representing clients in eviction actions.

Maguire Schneckenburger Legal Group’s experienced attorneys can also help you prepare a new lease agreement and possibly resolve disputes with tenants without filing an eviction.

Real Estate Litigation

Maguire Schneckenburger Legal Group represents clients to assert or defend cases related to real estate. Real estate litigation typically arises when a seller fails to disclose a defect in a property, when the title to a property is not properly passed on to a buyer, or when a buyer or seller fails to perform under the terms of a purchase agreement.

Additionally, issues commonly arise with boundary disputes, encroachment concerns, and trespass claims.

Our attorneys are skilled and educated regarding most aspects of real estate law and can assist and guide clients with a variety of lawsuits related to property. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.